Technology Businesses

Growth Strategy Assistance

The high technology industry is ever-changing and expanding with ongoing shifts in market needs, customer priorities and competitive landscapes. Technology innovations are creating new market opportunities and reducing the barriers to entry. “Fast followers” can appear quickly and “marketing-ware” reduces differentiation. These, and other, factors increase the need to understand customer requirements, the basis for competitive advantage, and establish a strong go-to-market strategy to optimize growth.

Decades of experience in technology

Based on thousands of client assignments, an extensive network of industry contacts, and an engaged senior team able to answer business-critical questions. FSI assists clients with the strategic challenges fundamental to growth:


  • What is the best growth strategy for our business?
  • Which are the best target segments for our product or technology?
  • How well do our products meet the needs of the market? What resonates with customers?
  • How can we create more market expansion opportunities?
  • What is our optimal go-to-market strategy?
  • How are our competitors driving their growth and how can we best compete?
  • Which acquisition opportunities should we be targeting?
  • Can we validate our M&A plans through due diligence?

FSI’s expertise spans most technology market segments:


  • Healthcare IT / Digital Health
  • Cloud and IT Security
  • Data Analytics / Data-Based Services
  • IT Consulting and Systems Integration
  • Enterprise Software (SaaS / Licensed / Mobile)
  • Cloud / Hosted Infrastructure and Applications
  • Application / Infrastructure Monitoring, Management
  • Networking Hardware / Software
  • Communications Equipment and Services
  • Computer Hardware and Components
  • Computer Storage
  • Imaging Hardware / Software
  • Development Tools