Mature Corporations

Growth Strategy Assistance

CEO’s, management teams, Boards and investors want their companies to grow faster. Increased revenue growth and/or increased profit growth drives increased shareholder value.

Accelerating growth in revenues and profits is challenging in mature businesses.  The underlying market growth has slowed considerably and there is increasing pressure on margins. Often, the complexity of the business compounds the challenge. Mature, established businesses typically consist of thousands of sku’s comprising multiple product families, sold to thousands of customers in a range of vertical market segments, and through multiple channels.  Identifying priorities for growth is complex for the mature business.

For mature business clients seeking growth

FSI brings unique conceptual and analytical frameworks, the ability to cost-effectively generate customer and competitor information and a team of senior professionals with decades of hands-on experience assisting with growth challenges, including:

  • How best to segment relevant markets to reflect differences in growth potential and the requirements of a successful growth strategy?
  • How do competitors win business within our client’s focal segments?
  • What is required to meaningfully expand business within existing customers?
  • Are there opportunities to enhance current product offerings and business potential via addition of data, services, service levels?
  • Is the marketing strategy consistent with customer needs in this digital age?
  • Should the company expand its use of channels to increase growth cost-effectively?
  • Are there partnerships or acquisition prospects that will facilitate the ability to enhance competitive advantage?
  • What are the requirements to compete successfully in contiguous (product, price, customer) segments?

FSI has been helping mature clients achieve above-market growth for over three decades.


  • Manufactured products
  • Service-based businesses
  • Distribution businesses
  • Outsourced products, services