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FSI Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

In 1983, John Fletcher and the late Peary Spaght founded Fletcher Spaght Inc (FSI) building on a collective 16 years of experience at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Forty years later, FSI has earned a reputation for professional excellence and has grown into a leading growth strategy consulting firm in healthcare.

FSI applies analytical rigor and operational expertise to its clients, with a commitment to creating effective Growth Action Plans. FSI’s broad range of clients include each key healthcare segment, as well as major corporations seeking increased growth, leading VC and PE firms pursuing due diligence and deal support, and new ventures needing an initial go-to-market strategy. With thousands of successful client assignments, FSI has helped to start dozens of companies, assisted hundreds of firms with strategic transactions, and managed more than $130 million of venture capital investments in innovative companies under Fletcher Spaght Ventures (FSV).

FSI alumni have become physicians, life science researchers, entrepreneurs, professional investors, executives, and CEOs, adding significantly to the advancement of healthcare. We are proud of our alumni!

FSI successfully transitioned to a new Partnership team that is laser focused on continuing FSI’s leadership in growth strategy. Renard Charity, who has been with FSI since 2007 in managerial roles, has moved to Managing Partner, with Co-Founder John Fletcher transitioning to Managing Partner Emeritus.

Reflecting on the past forty years, founder John Fletcher states: “It has been a privilege to assist so many companies to grow their healthcare and technology businesses. I am enormously grateful that FSI has been able to collaborate with numerous talented executives and investors. FSI is fortunate to have successfully developed a new partnership team. Renard Charity has moved to Managing Partner, and I have transitioned to Managing Partner Emeritus. In my new role, I look forward to continuing to collaborate with FSI’s professional team as well as select clients.”

FSI is looking forward to a bright, prosperous future. Managing Partner Renard Charity on what’s next for the company: “The principles that enabled forty years of success are what continue to drive us today. FSI is on the cutting edge of new technologies, healthcare practices and business model innovations. We look forward to continuing to partner with our valued clients, developing impactful insights that drive growth. Our commitment to growth is unwavering. We look forward to the next forty years!”

We are grateful for John Fletcher, our innovative and successful clients, and all the talented individuals who have contributed so much to our firm!

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