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Fletcher Spaght Inc. Celebrates 36th Anniversary

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

July 2019

Boston, Mass. – July 19, 2019 – Today, Fletcher Spaght Inc. (FSI) is proudly celebrating 36 years as a leader in growth-focused strategy consulting centered on innovation and accelerating organic and inorganic growth within the global healthcare and technology industries. FSI’s dedication to actionable outputs for its clients has won the company a reputation for excellence worldwide.

Since its 1983 founding, FSI has become renowned for subject-matter specialization, growth strategy expertise, and the ability to cost-effectively provide Growth Action Plans for its clients. “We are grateful to our clients for the opportunity to provide them with strategies for success,” said Managing Partner John Fletcher. “FSI’s track record has been built largely on client satisfaction. We want to thank our clients from around the world for their trust and confidence.”

FSI’s acclaim can likewise be attributed to its staff. “We have been fortunate in our ability to attract and retain skilled professionals who are subject matter experts within their respective areas of focus,” said Fletcher. FSI’s healthcare and technology specialization, combined with decades of strategy consulting experience, enables the company to effectively assist clients seeking higher levels of growth and increased enterprise importance. “Our people are our greatest asset. Each member of our team reflects our company’s core principles: quality, insightful work, actionable output that enables achievable increases in growth and value for our clients.”

“FSI’s track record has been built largely on client satisfaction. We want to thank our clients from around the world for their trust and confidence.” John Fletcher Managing Partner

FSI’s clients include healthcare, technology and mature industry companies spanning from start-ups to multi-billion dollar global leaders. FSI clients strive to pursue growth through both organic and inorganic alternatives, and the risks associated with this growth require a need for information that is important for determining market receptivity, successful customer engagement, the level of competitive advantage, and the impact of potential competitive response. Enter FSI: “FSI provides that critical analysis our clients need so they can confidently pursue growth,” said Fletcher.

Complementary to its consulting, FSI manages two venture funds, Fletcher Spaght Ventures (FSV). FSV invests in high-growth opportunities in healthcare and the intersect of technology and healthcare and related fields.

Looking to the future, FSI vows to maintain a commitment to its people, firmly establishing the next generation of FSI leadership. “Professional development is paramount,” said Fletcher. “We know our clients’ trust depends on our continued ability to provide the best service to them, and we take that to heart. We will keep striving to be the best at helping clients achieve higher revenue growth.”

Press Contact: Kristan Khtikian KCC Communications

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