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Cardiovascular Device Review

This report highlights FSI's Cardiovascular Device Review of 2022. Inside you will find the following:

- Revenue performance of key public companies, as well as cardiovascular M&A and investments through 2022 
- FSI’s view of key trends from leading cardiovascular device companies and those investing in cardiovascular devices  
- Analysis of VC investments in select cardiovascular device segments, as well as M&A activity and IPOs

2022 Robotic Assisted Surgery Review

This report highlights the analysis of the Robotic Assisted Surgery (RAS) Landscape in 2022. Inside you will find the following:

- FSI’s unique framework used to analyze 128 RAS platforms
- Product development stage and funding status of 110 RAS companies
- Key trends from medtech executives and hospital perspective along with
challenges and opportunities for companies and investors
- Analysis of VC investments and M&A in RAS

H1 2022 Digital Health Review

This report highlights performance of the Digital Health segment in the first half of 2022 as compared to previous
years, as well as investments and exits
Included are public company revenue performance in key segments such as Telehealth and Healthcare IT, as well
as analyses of Digital Health VC investments, M&A, and IPOs

Spotlight on Decentralized Clinical Trials

FSI's views on investments in the DCT space, regulatory trends, and applicability by therapeutic area shed light on how this emerging approach to clinical development will be adopted by industry.

H1 2022 MedTech Review

This report provides a review of revenue growth for public companies in FSI’s MedTech segments from 2019 – H1 2022 as well as US MedTech investments and exits

- Revenue performance of public companies in key segments such as cardiovascular / peripheral vascular,
diagnostics, life science tools, orthopedics, and diversified companies
- Overview of US VC investments, M&A, and IPOs in medical devices/supplies and diagnostics/life science tools

Highlights Q2 2022

Life Science Tools
Respiratory Devices
Laser Ablation
Medical Imaging
Health System Pharmacy
Molecular Diagnostics
Pharma Sales
Gynecologic Devices
Health System Cost Cycle Management
Senior Living

Highlights Q1 2022

Prostate Cancer
Intraoperative Diagnostics
Clinical Research Organization
Renal Replacement Therapy
Medical Device Reprocessing
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Innovation Banking
Neurosurgical Devices
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Highlights Q4 2021

Innovation Banking
Neuropathic Pain Analgesic
Medtech Acquisition Target Search
Digital Health - AI-Enabled Cancer Detection
Pharma Commercialization Services
Clinical Research Organization
Senior Living Brand Positioning
Senior Living Post-Merger Integration
Neurosurgical Instruments
In-Office ENT Procedure Solutions
Durable Medical Equipment
Academic Medical Center
Digital Health
Mitral Regurgitation
Utilities Construction Services

Highlights Q3 2021

Investor Presentation for Series B Fundraise
Cardiac Imaging
Biopharma Commercialization
Digitial Health
Academic Medical Center
Enzyme Therapy for Diabetes
Patient Monitoring
Senior Living
Medical Device Contract Manufacturer
Remote Sample Collection for PCR Diagnostics

Highlights Q2 2021

Point of Care Ultrasound
Robotic Surgery Assistant
Academic Medical Center
Cardiac Monitoring
Digital Health
DNA Testing and PPE
Robotic surgery development trends
Real-time surgical visualization

Highlights Q1 2021

Medtech Acquisition Search
Aesthetic Medicine
Clinical Trial Services
AI-powered Imaging Diagnostic Tool
Cardiac Monitoring
Imaging Core Lab
Women's Health
AI-powered Imaging Diagnostic Tool in Women's Health
Academic Medical Center - Research
Academic Medical Center - Commercialization
Academic Medical Center - Innovation Fund

Highlights Q4 2020

Novel Biologics Platform Technology
Laparoscopic Surgery
Operating Room Integration in the EU
AMC Physicians’ Organization
Downstream Bioprocessing for COVID 19
Home and Community Based Medicaid Services
Virtual Clinical Trials
Women's Health
Downstream Bioprocessing
PharmaMedical Communications
Investment Fund Operating Plan

Highlights Q3 2020

GYN Surgical Robot
Gene and Cell Therapy Bioprocessing
Academic Medical Center Research
Infectious Disease Therapeutics
Specialty CRO
Operating Room Integration
Distribution of Surgical Products
Pharma Contract Research Services
AMC Physician Organization
Healthcare Research
Lung Cancer Treatment
Cloud-Based Document Management
Pediatric Clinical Nutrition Analytics

Highlights Q2 2020

Surgical Robotics
Outsourced Services for Biopharma
Outsourced Engineering Services
Organizational Effectiveness
Research Prioritization
Surgical Dressings
Robotic Omni-channel Fulfillment
Regulatory Consulting

Highlights Q1 2020

Alternative Therapy Provider
Interventional Oncology
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Imaging Core Lab
Blood Loss Management
Total Artificial Heart Market
Overactive Bladder
Blood Collection Technology
Sleep Apena Therapy
Pharmacy Benefit Manager
Call Center CRM
Investment Fund Business Plan

Highlights Q4 2019

Digital Health Market Assessment
Surgical Robot
Peripheral artery disease
Dendritic Cell Therapy
Radiation protection
Biopharma Industry Trends
Drug Discovery Platform
Generic Pharmaceuticals
Imaging Core Lab
Visual Prosthesis
Enzyme Replacement Therapy
Pancreatic Cancer
Alternative Therapy Provider
5-year Strategic Plan for AMC

Highlights Q2 2019

Biologic Drug Development
Urology/Prostate Biopsy
Spinal Implants
Clinical Research Organization
Medical Monitoring
Ion Channel Drug Development
Precision Dosing
Regulatory Consulting
Medical Simulation
ICU Data Connectivity
Supplies Distribution

Highlights Q1 2019

Clinical Decision Support
Peritoneal Dialysis
Outpatient Surgery
Genetic Data in Psychiatric Drug Development
Spinal Implants
Cell Therapy Manufacturing
Biologics Process Development/GMP Production
Business Planning Education and Coaching
Training Software
Predictive Analytics
Supplies Distributor

Highlights Q4 2018

Augmented Reality in Medical Education
ICU Monitoring
Pulmonary Biopsy and Related Practices
Women’s Health/Contraception
Post-discharge Cardiac Monitoring
European Tender and Reimbursement
Lung Cancer
Manufacturing Automation Services
Supplies Distributor
Robotics Component Manufacturer

Highlights Q3 2018

Cortical Stimulation
Patient Monitoring
Lung Cancer Companion Diagnostic
Cardiac Stents
Sleep Apnea
Peritoneal Dialysis
Chronic Kidney Disease
Surgical Robotics
Minimally Invasive CABG
Photodynamic Therapy
Liver Surgery
OEM and Distribution Strategy
Peripheral Lung Biopsy
Behavioral Health
Peripheral Vascular
Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Pharmaceutical Company Valuation
Genomic Testing
Novel Antibiotics
Medical Education
Specialty Pharma
Photonic Components
High-End Component Manufacturing
Academic-Industrial Partnership
Contract Manufacturing Organization

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