Growth Focused.
Insight Driven.

Fletcher Spaght is a strategy consulting firm focused on Revenue Growth and future Growth Potential.

Growth drives enterprise value.  Management teams diligently pursue growth through both organic and inorganic alternatives. The risks associated with growth investments justify development of information critical to determining market receptivity, successful customer engagement, the level of competitive advantage and the impact of competitive response.  FSI develops the information and analysis management needs to confidently decide among alternatives to increase growth.

FSI’s clients manage healthcare, technology or mature industry companies.  The stages of client companies span start-ups to multi-billion dollar global leaders. Each client hires FSI for our subject-matter specialization, growth strategy expertise and ability to cost-effectively provide actionable output.

Why Choose FSI?

Health/Tech Specialization

FSI’s staff have scientific and engineering backgrounds, focus on specialty areas within their respective practice group and maintain expertise in their specialty.

Strategy Consulting Expertise

FSI’s senior professionals began their consulting careers at strategy firms like BCG and Bain. Building on that experience, FSI developed analytical approaches which support our growth focus.

Senior Professional Experience

Senior FSI professionals devote their time to client work. Decades of growth strategy experience help us assist clients to identify, evaluate, and act on achievable growth plans.

Our History

Helping clients grow their healthcare and technology businesses since 1983.

The early 1980’s were an exciting period of high growth for healthcare businesses, technology businesses and venture capital funds supporting innovation. John Fletcher and Peary Spaght were Senior Managers at The Boston Consulting Group. In 1983, Fletcher and Spaght formed FSI to build upon their BCG strategy experience and pursue their interest in healthcare and technology.

For over 37 years, FSI has:

  • Refined its focus to concentrate on helping clients with identifying, evaluating and planning how to grow their business
  • Grown its staff to enable professionals to specialize in the sub-sectors of healthcare and technology
  • Expanded its client work to span start-ups, small/mid-sized firms and the world’s largest companies, as well as diligence for venture capital and private equity
  • Applied knowledge/experience associated with the high rates of innovation and growth in healthcare and technology to mature industry businesses seeking higher rates of growth

FSI takes pride foremost from the success of its clients, the high level of long-term relationships and our alumni who are creating growth for their businesses.