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medtech, medical devices, and supply

digital health and healthcare IT

life science tools and diagnostics

biopharma and CRO

transactions and due diligence

medical devices

Fletcher Spaght's healthcare consulting verticals
Fletcher Spaght


FSI is a strategy consulting firm accelerating growth for healthcare & life science companies and their investors

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FSI's Unique Capabilities

Fletcher Spaght

Direct Senior Staff Participation

FSI Senior leaders work directly on projects, so our clients benefit from decades of personal operational experience. That experience enables us to uniquely assist clients to identify, evaluate, and act on achievable growth plans. 

Fletcher Spaght

Relevant Market Experience

FSI creates effective, focused Growth Action Plans that drive company growth. We extend the bandwidth and capabilities of the client’s leadership team by providing needed analysis in a timely and efficient manner.

Fletcher Spaght

Rigorous Analytical Approach

Our professional staff is highly qualified. We hold advanced degrees and come from specialized backgrounds in healthcare, finance, and technology.


Automated liquid handler representing life science tools and diagnostics
Fletcher Spaght

Diagnostics & Life Science Tools

Fletcher Spaght


Surgical robot prepared for surgery in operating room representing medtech, medical device, and supply
Digital health phone app syncing with remote patient monitoring cardiac device
Fletcher Spaght

Digital Health & HCIT

Fletcher Spaght

Healthcare Services

Healthcare professional carrying stethoscope representing medical devices
Gloved hands drawing a vaccine from a vial into a syringe representing biopharma and CRO
Fletcher Spaght

Biopharma & CRO

Fletcher Spaght

Transactions & Due Diligence

Financial data graphs on a laptop being discussed representing transactions and due diligence

Insights & News

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